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Thanksgiving is a time traditionally spent with family and close friends in loving spirit of being thankful for the things that make life meaningful. The great thing about a loving spirit is that the more you give the more you have to give.

Share your love and helping hand with:

Family—Yours: Help with the Thanksgiving meal
Preparing the Thanksgiving meal is an ordeal. All of that good food didn’t magically appear. Don’t expect one person (mom) to do it all, even if she does make it look easy. Help with the preparation and serving and especially the cleanup.

Friends: Take them a Meal, There’s plenty to share
Some of your dear friends may be in financial need, not feeling well, or in need of a pick me up visit. Invite them over or stop over with a bag of goodies that would normally end up in the fridge stuffed as leftovers. They’ll appreciate it more than you know.

Volunteer: Charity organizations
Soup kitchens need helpful hands during the holidays. Not just hands to cook and serve, but also to help with deliveries, cleanup, donations, anything and everything. Pay it forward, they say.

Family—Not Yours: Helping Hand
Some families need a helping hand during the holidays, Help with food that they can’t afford. Help with clothing for family members on these colder days. Sponsor a family, special thoughts to a military family,  for the holidays. Brightening their day ultimately brightens yours. What goes around comes around.




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