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It’s amazing how fast time flies!

It’s amazing to me that I’ve been  member of MacGroup-Detroit since 1993. Where did all of those years go?

I don’t know when I started writing for MGD, but I know that it has always been a labor of love. Recently, I came across some of the old MacNews PDF files from before MacNews went all digital-online. It is really fun and funny reading some of the articles about the state of computers, software and stuff of that time, and seeing photos from ‘way-back-then.’ Boy, if I knew then what I know now…you know the rest. So, I’m sharing one of those articles with you in what I’m calling Throwback Thursday!, the latest nomenclature of ‘remember when’, or ‘the good old days.’ This Throwback Thursday is from January 2000. MacGroup-Detroit’s then home was in the Southfield Civic Center and we had a “very interesting day.”

It’s amazing how fast time flies, make the best of it!

Were you there? Do you remember this day?

Throwback Thursday! MacGroup Detroit January 2000!

Surprise, Surprise

by Chita Hunter

MacNews – January 2000

Last month’s MacGroup-Detroit meeting was full or surprises. The first surprise just happen to be on us. Despite Terry’s calling to con- firm that the Parks and  Rec build- ing would be open, no one could be found walking around the inside of the facility, except for Loretta. We were locked out.

After about forty-five minutes and a trip to the police station across the court yard to ask that mainte- nance be called to let us in, Mac- Group members took matters and ingenuity into their own hands and got to work.

The pavilion was open…. There was electrical power…. Chairs and tables were to be found…. We had our own equipment…. Who needs maintenance anyway!

Projection screen and comput- ers were set up. Registration and seat- ing areas were set up. Signs were put up directing members to our new location. We had the entire building to ourselves.

A very thoughtful member brought cookies, there was  carpet on the floor to keep our feet warm, chairs more comfortable than the usual ones we sit in, vending machines a step away, a large play area for the kids….Hey, who needs maintenance anyway. I’m glad they didn’t show up.

Guests and members made the best of this situation, enjoying  each

other, the iBook computer and the iMacs for the days presentations. Then, there was another surprise to be had.

In a gesture of appreciation to Terry White, MacGroup-Detroit members presented to Terry a gift bag, filled with a gigantic member signed ‘Thank You” card, along with gag gifts and presents given to that person who already has  or knows all the computer gadgets you could even image to buy them.

In the 10 plus years of Mac- Group-Detroit’s existence, this was a first for Terry White from the ‘Group.’ Hopefully this surprise overshadowed the surprise of locked doors. Happy New Year!




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