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Hey guys, as you know iOS 9 came out yesterday and I did this video showing off many of the new features including lots of hidden gems (features that Apple didn’t show us):

In the video I show how the NEW iCloud Drive app works and the number one question I’m getting today from users is “Where is my iCloud Drive App?” When I updated to iOS 9 I got prompted with a message asking me if I wanted to have the iCloud Drive App installed. I said yes and didn’t really think about it. However, what if you say no initially or don’t get the prompt at all, how do you get the app? A trip and subsequent search of the App Store reveals nothing. Actually the iCloud App is built-in to iOS. It’s just hidden.

iCloud Drive

If you go to your Settings App and then tap on iCloud -> iCloud Drive you’ll see a simple switch to Show on Home Screen. This may be how Apple plans to allow users to hide most of their default apps that users complain about having to have on their home screen (even if they don’t use them). Currently there is no way to delete them.

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