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The MacBook Pro 15″ Touch Bar

The Jury came back in… The MacBook Pro 15″ Touch Bar, a feature that I thought I’d never use, turns out to have a lot more uses than I imagined. After seeing that the stationary Function keys were now a thing of the past on the MacBook Pro 15″ that I wanted to purchase, and were replaced by a small, very small, touch screen, I was very skeptical that this “Touch Bar thing” was at all useful. To be blunt, I thought it was completely useless. I saw a lot of pretty icons on it that you could select, but I was very good at using keyboard shortcuts in my daily work, that streamlined my efforts. I was very skeptical that the Touch Bar was nothing more than a gimmick.

But I had no choice. If my intent was to purchase a MacBook Pro 15″, it had to be the MacBook Pro 15″ Touch Bar model. Well, after my first day with my new MacBook Pro 15″ Touch Bar model, I saw not only that it wasn’t useless, to my surprise, I saw some great uses for it. Who needs stationary Function keys anyway, they only limit the possibilities. 😊

Here’s my look into what this “Touch Bar thing” is all about.


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