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No doubt, there probably aren’t enough outlets in your office or in one room, that will allow you to charge all of your mobile devices. Those outlets are probably taken up by the equipment that remains stationary; printer, scanner, task light, monitor, computer….

So where does that leave you? Kitchen countertop outlet? Outlet next to the sofa? Outlet next to the bed? Outlet in the hallway? Multiple plug-strips underneath your desk? You betcha, to all of the above! Well, I got somewhat weary of “all of the above” and wanted to tame the locations where I plugged in my multiple mobile devices when they needed charging. Basically, to tame the mobile device charging clutter that can take over the aesthetics of a home.

A solution I came to was the purchase of the Satechi Multi Port Charging Dock. It has 7 surge-protected USB ports, (3) 2.4 amp ports and (4) 1 amp ports. Here’s a quick 2-minute overview of this product.

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